5 reasons why north cyprus

5 Reasons: why North Cyprus?

Cyprus hospitality is one of the central aspects of life in Northern Cyprus. Tourists can enjoy silence, majestic beauty, while not having difficulties with obtaining a visa. In North Cyprus, a huge selection of hotels, beaches, hotels, entertainment programs and casinos. Tourists are also given unique sights: ancient cities, temples and castles, springs with holy water and much more. A real paradise. There are a large number of architectural monuments, including ancient fortresses, monasteries, and ruins of ancient castles and entire cities. Tourists are delighted with the indelible impressions received during the holidays in Cyprus.
There is an atmosphere of carefree and secure at the resorts of North Cyprus. Come here to relieve stress and relax. There is very small crime rate and time flows differently. It’s like getting into a completely different world. Come and feel the real Cyprus “spirit”, where you can stroll in the mountains and see the beautiful wild flowers, watch the birth of sea turtles and swim in the warm Mediterranean Sea.

5 Reasons why to choose Northern Cyprus

  1. There is beautiful beaches with a huge choice, from wild beaches to trendy hotel areas with VIP lodges. The sea is one, and it is wonderful, and the beach and amenities are chosen by each according to their own pocket or desire, for example, there are free beaches, public (fees for a 5TL), beaches in hotel territories, of course, wild beaches. It is remarkable that here there are absolutely wild corners of nature, one of which is in Karpas. Deserted beaches are so clean, quiet and comfortable that even large green turtles prefer to lay  their eggs.
  2.  A good climate with more than 300 sunny days a year. In Cyprus there is 8 months of summer and 4 months of spring, rains are not often. The hottest months are July and August! Northern Cyprus refers to the health resort areas of the Mediterranean Sea. The climate favorably affects the respiratory diseases, with asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis and many others.
  3. Northern Cyprus is a country with a visa-free entry. The stamp on the crossing of the border is placed on a separate blank, i.e. the visa is in principle, but is put on arrival, absolutely free of charge. (ask in advance to stamp on paper, if arriving via ERCAN airport). Tourists can stay in Northern Cyprus for up to 90 days without a visa.
  4. Exciting ancient history and culture. 80% of the unique historical sites are located on the territory of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). Among them are such ancient cities as Salamis and Soli, located in the mountains of three ancient castles – Kantara, Bufavento and St. Hilarion at an altitude of 700 meters, the famous monasteries of St. Apostle Andrew and St. Barnabas, as well as many other monasteries and churches of the Middle Ages.
  5. Fast-growing economy. The economy of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is dominated by the tourist and service sector (up to 70% ). The economy of North Cyprus is developing very rapidly every year, as real estate is becoming more attractive for investment, the rental price is constantly growing. New companies, shops, universities, schools are opening to create comfort for residents and tourists.

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5 reasons why north cyprus

Traditional North Cyprus drinks

When visiting North Cyprus, there is a question: what kind of drinks should I try?

One of the popular and refreshing beverages is ayran. People, who are a little familiar with the Eastern culture, remember this salty sour-milk drink, which is served with ice, seasoning with dried mint on top. The drink perfectly satisfies not only thirst, but it is save you from starving, and also adjusts the pressure. Ayran is available in all supermarkets, as well as served in many restaurants and cafes. Particularly good ayran is combining with all meat dishes.

Also very common are citrus fruits in Northern Cyprus. There are more than dozens sorts of oranges, as well as tangerines, lemons, oranges, grapefruits, pomelo and others. Because of this freshly squeezed orange juice is available almost everywhere in North Cyprus. In addition to drinking water, whose value in this climate is more pronounced, there is offered a lemonade everywhere in cafes and restaurants. This drink is making by mixing the concentrate of lemon juice with sugar, which is harvested in winter during the main crop of citrus fruits, with mineral water with ice. The drink perfectly refreshes and quenches thirst, and most importantly – it is completely natural, without dyes and chemicals!!

About coffee.

From hot drinks, the leading place among the local population is Turkish coffee. No, Turkey does not cultivate this culture, and Turkish coffee is called only due to special roasting and grinding, and both roasting and grinding in Turkey and in Northern Cyprus are different. Grain comes in green to North Cyprus, and the factories roast them according to the variety: the coffee of a weak roast (“CON” – reads “John”), medium roast (several firms produce such coffee), and strong roast (“OZA” – similar fortress with espresso, but the flavor is more spicy). In addition, there is coffee imported from Turkey (the most common is called “Mehmet Efendi”), which is also offered in all cafes and bars.

When ordering Turkish coffee, it is necessary to clarify, with sugar you will drink it or not: coffee is brewed with sugar immediately and served with a foam, because it is not convenient to put sugar in a cup of a smoking aromatic drink after cooking. Serve coffee always with a glass of cold water to wash off the taste of coffee grounds. You will never forget the amazing aftertaste of hot coffee and contrast of cold water.

Cypriots drink coffee in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening, and you will be offered coffee, wherever you go, as this is actually quite a welcome ritual in Cyprus! Time flows slowly on the island, we have nowhere to hurry, so there is nothing better than to put off and relax by the sea with a cold frappe!

Frappe is a frothy frozen coffee drink made from instant coffee. It is very popular not only in the Republic of Cyprus, but also in Northern Cyprus, especially during hot summer temperatures. The drink traditionally originates from Greece, where it was invented accidentally by Dimitris Vakondios at the 1957 International Trade Fair in Thessaloniki. Nestlé was introducing a new chocolate beverage for children that was produced instantly in a shaker at the time. During a break, Vakondios wanted to have his regular Nescafé Classic but he could not find any hot water, so he mixed the coffee with cold water in a shaker – and there was the frappe!

Sahlep is a traditional Turkish hot drink in Turkey, but it is also popular in North Cyprus. This is one dyne of the oldest Turkish drinks, which known since the time of the Ottoman Empire. This drink is making from tubers of wild orchids. Orchids used for the sahlep grow in the mountains of southern Turkey (Orchis Latifolia / Orchis Anatolica). Their tubers are pulled out of the soil, when the plant blooms, and then they are boiled (in water or milk) before they are dried and then ground into powder, which gives this drink an earthy flavor along with a creamy texture. This hot drink had better consume in cold winter months, helps with cough. Drink salep is considered an aphrodisiac.

In order to prepare sahlep, it is necessary to pour the ready content of the bag into hot milk, mix and sprinkle with cinnamon.

About tea.

Turkish tea became an integral part of everyday life and entered the national culture of Northern Cyprus. To offer tea to the interlocutor or the store visitor entered into the unwritten code of rules of behavior of the cultural person. It is believed that in this way you demonstrate special attention and even a friendly disposition towards another person.

It was proved that Turkish tea perfectly quenches thirst and cools the body in hot weather, without causing a rapid heartbeat and without increasing blood pressure. Turkish tea is brewed in a special dish – a high double teapot. Brewed in a special way (in water vapor), tea is diluted with boiling water before use. Usually Turkish tea is served very hot and certainly with several slices of sugar.

Alcoholic beverages.

In Northern Cyprus, there is some factories producing Cypriot brandy, whiskey, cognac. There is also the winery “Chateu St.Hillaion” (Chatesu St.Hillaion), which opened in 2000 and produces 2 series of wines: the Castle of St. Illarion from its own vineyards and the Levant from the grapes of neighboring farms. Vineyards are located on a hill near the village of Gecitkoy, which is located to the west of Kyrenia. Red, white and pink wine is available in some restaurants and shops.

Another Cyprus drink is Zivaniya – moonshine, obtained by distilling the fermented mash that remains after pressing the grapes. Simply put zivaniya – this grape moonshine. However, popularity on the table is not as great as that of the traditional Turkish Raki.

Raki usually drink in the company of friends in Meyhane restaurants with kebab or fish, planting 1 part of raki and 3 parts of cold water along with ice. They drink it slowly from tall narrow cups. When mixing raki with water, the color of the drink becomes milk white, and this fact gave grounds for residents of Levant and Cyprus to call this drink “lion milk”. Such a way of drinking alcohol is likely associated with a religious ban for Muslims alcohol, and perhaps with the acquisition of “lion’s” so to speak of courage for those who drank such a drink.

From the strong drinks, whiskey is also very popular through local residents of North Cyprus. Everywhere there is an extensive selection of whiskey from different manufacturers. The most common are whiskey imported here in from Scotland or those that are bottled at a local factory in the city of Famagusta. The best whiskey with the inscription “Single malt”.

In order to know the taste of Northern Cyprus drinks, you need to try them, what will help diversify your holiday and join the culture.
5 reasons why north cyprus

North Cyprus Сuisine


Cyprus cuisine is an exotic mix of Turkish and Greek dishes. In the traditional Cypriot tavern, a large number of cold and hot snacks are served before the main dish. This is a kind of ritual and in every restaurant it is special. Dozens of small plates with all kinds of sauces and small salads served one after another.

North Cyprus cuisine is quite varied, with many dishes featuring meat and vegetables to encompass the healthy Mediterranean diet. Some of the amazing cuisine in North Cyprus you should try includes:

  1. Lahmacun – a type of Turkish pizza
  2. Yalanci Dolma – vine leaves stuffed with rice
  3. Sigara Borek – feta cheese rolled in filo pastry and deep-fried
  4. Kofte – Minced lamb and herb patty
  5. Kleftiko – lamb in the oven
  6. Meze – a variety of starters, both hot and cold
  7. Mousakka – layers of potatoes, mince and aubergines
  8. Shish Kebap – marinated lamb on a skewer
  9. Simit – a type of Turkish bread, a snack
  10. Ayran – a type of Turkish yoghurt drink, fresh or chilled

The variety of vegetables and herbs in Northern Cyprus led to an abundance of vegetable dishes. Some of the unusual vegetables and herbs are: kolokas, semisot, molohiya, bamya. Vegetable dishes are divided into two kinds of ones that are stewed in their own juice with the addition of olive oil and those that are stuffed, and then fried or baked.

Neighborhood deserts are generally Eastern in cause and are typically to a great degree sweet, for example ‘lokum’ (Turkish Delight), ‘halva’ (cuts of ground sesame seeds and sugar) and ‘baklava’ (mille-feuille pastry, nuts, nectar and syrup). No dinner should end without the thick and solid Turkish espresso. An ordinary piece of life in Northern Cyprus, it was acquainted with the West by the Ottoman Turks in the fifteenth century. It is extremely prevalent everywhere throughout the present reality and considered a delicacy in vogue circles. The mystery of making Turkish espresso is that the espresso beans are ground into a fine powder at that point bubbled in a little measure of water, with or without sugar, delivering a thick ‘cream’ to finish everything. Turkish espresso is served in little espresso mugs in three different ways; ‘sah-de’, which is unsweetened, ‘ortah’, which is tolerably sweet, and ‘shekerli’, which is sweet. You will dependably be asked before the espresso is fermented, which of the three you might want.

Restaurants that have received prizes or are included in the list of the best: ‘The House’, ‘Whiskey Joe’s Bar’, ‘Efendi’, ‘The Kyrenia Tavern’, ‘Ezic Premier’, ‘Hurdeniz’, ‘Lagoon’, ‘Stone Arch’, ‘Jashan’s’, ‘The Ambiance’, ‘Carpenters’, ‘The Veranda’ , ‘Silver Rocks’, ‘Bella Moon’, ‘The Corner House’, ‘Archway Restaurant’, ‘Buffavento’, ‘Yorgo Kasap’, ‘Tervetuola’ and ‘Levant’.

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