North Cyprus is a fantastic place for arranging local journey. There is a huge number of places to visit on its territory. Here we have created a list of top tourist places, which every traveler will find enjoyable. Among them Salamis, which is one of the most impressive archaeological sites in Cyprus. Here there are so many unique ancient buildings that the inspection of them is akin to moving in time – walking between half-ruined walls, unwittingly penetrate the spirit of antiquity.

The beach of Alagadi is also called the Turtle beach. It is in a picturesque bay, remote from the city for fifteen kilometers. The beach is the place where turtles come for laying their eggs. Here you can watch a unique picture, telling about the first days and weeks of small turtles.

St. Nicholas Cathedral – the main medieval temple of the city of Famagusta on the eastern coast of Cyprus. Built in XIV century after model of the Reims cathedral in late Gothic style by Cypriot kings from Lusignan dynasty. In tourist booklets it is called “Cypriot Reims”.

The Kyrenia Castle is a majestic attraction of Kyrenia, whose history began in 10th century, when the Byzantines began construction of city fortress walls. However, the Castle was rebuilt with an advent of the dynasty de Luzinyan. The fortress survived mighty assaults until 1570, when it was captured by the Turks. The Kyrenia fortress served as a place of imprisonment for the nobility. Knights of the once mighty Order of the Knights Templar were executed here.

The castle of St. Hillarion is one of the most interesting places in Kyrenia (Girne) region. The castle is located on the top of a mountain cliff at an altitude of 732 meters above sea level. The picturesque views of castle are mysterious and romantic. The silhouette of castle was used in Walt Disney’s famous cartoon film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. “The Abode of the King of Elves” named the castle of St. Hillarion, the English writer Rosa Macleay.

Bellapais Abbey is a monument of Gothic architecture, located in the homonymous village in Northern Cyprus. Currently, the abbey is considered a monument of world significance. For his long history, he suffered noticeably, but what was saved, is a significant memorable place.

Almost all these places of significance are impossible to reach if you are without car. So, as being a tourist on North Cyprus renting a car is simply necessary. British Rent A Car is one of leading companies on car rental companies on North Cyprus. We will help to arrange most comfortable and enjoyable trip for you, during your staying on the island.



Renting a car in North Cyprus is very easy procedure, and British drivers will feel at home, as everyone here drives on the left! You will be amazed by the lack of traffic on country roads, and are equally surprised by the quality of main roads in which government over the past few years has invested a lot of capital. Car rental in North Cyprus is much cheaper than in other places of rest. Also, North Cyprus will pleasantly surprise you with a huge selection of cars. Automobile company British rent A Car, which provides rental services, is in the prestigious district of the city of Girne, Bellapais and will happily lease a car in North Cyprus.

Why rent a car in North Cyprus?

North Cyprus is a beautiful island with a dramatic landscape and historical sites. However, public transport in Northern Cyprus is limited to small local buses, schedules of which are at least somewhat unstable. A rented car in North Cyprus gives you freedom to explore the island at your own pace, without worrying about missing buses to get back home! For example, a rented car will allow you to climb high into the Mountains of Kyrenia and watch the eagles circling around the Castle of St. Hillarion, or arrange a picnic near the ancient monasteries deep in the heart of cool pine forests.

In addition, car rental in North Cyprus will give you opportunity to get to the deserted golden beaches of north coast and explore protected rocky bays on the dramatic Karpaz peninsula. Visit the ancient temples in Salamis, traveling with air conditioning in the salon.

If you just want to look on the areas around cities, a compact car will be most suitable option for you. Remember that during summer a rented car with air conditioning in North Cyprus is simply a must. If you want to explore mountains, it’s better to take a car with a large cabin and volume, as the mountain roads can be quite steep if you are not used to driving over the big hills!

Tourists can drive a car in North Cyprus using international license. Rent a car can be inexpensive directly on territory of Northern Cyprus, as well as pre-ordering a car for rent by phone or through website. Travelers should check availability of cars with right and left steering when booking. Please note that traffic in North Cyprus is left-sided. Perhaps more convenient will be use of a car with an automatic transmission.



airport transfer

Cyprus – a small island, which is very easy to move, however, if you visit it for the first time, then due to right-hand traffic to do it yourself – at the first stage, it will be difficult. Our company provides reliable and convenient transfer services and meetings at the international airports of Ercan, Larnaca and Paphos, as well as tours all over North Cyprus at favorable prices.

Transfer in North Cyprus is the most convenient transport for those who don’t  want to wait. Who does not accept full buses, as well as taxis, organized by tour operators. As the most valuable thing in a vacation is time.

Advantages of the transfer trip:

  • fast;
  • one should not wait;
  • you will be met at the airport with a sign table;
  • you can ask to stop in any place you want.

We try to keep up with the time and do everything possible to ensure that the customer feels as comfortable as possible using our services. In addition, our taxi company has a number of advantages over our private transportation, both because of the availability of a state license, and:

  • 24-hour transfer order;
  • Drivers with a high driving experience and knowledge of the terrain;
  • Accuracy and perfection of work;
  • Excellent technical condition of the vehicle fleet.

Transfer is the best solution if you plan to travel a lot around the island. With us, your movements will turn into picturesque trips to colorful places. You will have the opportunity to stop wherever you want, to make a selfie on the background of an amazing natural background, “lacy” houses and magnificent monasteries.

Rest, business meetings, sightseeing tours and cheerful parties – believe Northern Cyprus will not let you be bored. And wonderful impressions should not be overshadowed by stuffy uncomfortable transport. Even if you use the transfer service only a couple of times, it will be a better option than a close public transport.

British Rent A Car company organizes a fascinating journey through Cyprus already at the airport. Convenient, neat car, polite driver, timely meeting on arrival to the island, quick and safe arrival to the hotel, to villa or other place of stay. We will do our best to make your movement along Northern Cyprus as convenient, entertaining and inconspicuous in terms of the fatigue.