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Car rentals Northern Cyprus

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Renting a car in North Cyprus


renting a car in North CyprusIf you want to experience a getaway that is fun and exciting, you should definitely go for Cyprus Holidays. Cyprus is a great destination for people who want to unwind and relieve themselves of the stress brought by the daily grind. There are plenty of amazing places that you can visit should you decide to spend some time here. That is why it is important to rent a car when you go here. Renting a car enables you to visit more places at your desired time.

Because there is so much to do and see in North Cyprus it’s a great idea to rent a car and give yourself the freedom to travel to all the beaches, towns, castles and places of interest in your own time.

Because there is so much to do and see in North Cyprus it’s a great idea to rent a car and give yourself the freedom to travel to all the beaches, towns, castles and places of interest in your own time.

There are some organised sightseeing trips that your hotel or holiday village will be happy to help you arrange, and there are regular mini-bus services between all the major towns, but none of these options give you the freedom to set your own schedule.

Car rental in Northern Cyprus is affordable and common practice and so you will be able to find a company to supply you with a car for the duration of your break, for a weekend or even just for a day trip fairly easily.

There are so many car rental companies in Northern Cyprus though that when you look on the internet or in the North Cyprus Buzz Book you’ll begin to wonder how on earth to choose one! Well, in peak season your choice may be limited by demand...North Cyprus is such an attractive destination for its sun, sea and sand, its places of cultural and historical interest that it’s not only tourist accommodation that is in demand during the long hot summer, but rental cars as well. Be sure to book your car well in advance to avoid disappointment and to get the most choice, the best deals and the most competitive prices.

If you’re travelling independently then your hotel or holiday village will be able to recommend a car rental company to you for sure. If on the other hand you’re renting a villa or borrowing a friend’s holiday home then check on the internet for companies offering the best deals and book before you travel. Major car rental companies like Avis, Budget and Hertz haven’t established offices in Northern Cyprus yet and so all the companies offering cars here are small local companies. As such you can be assured a personal and friendly service. Often times the companies will be happy to pick you up from the airport, they all accept cash in any currency or credit cards for your payment and rental terms are fairly flexible!

The range of cars available for rent in North Cyprus is very wide - for instance you can hire a top of the range 4 x 4 or you can rent an ancient and beat up Renault 19 if you want to the choice is yours! If you’re planning on travelling to the likes of Buffavento or Kantara castle or just driving up the Karpas Peninsula it might be wise to consider a 4 x 4 as the roads are a little rough once you head off the beaten track. And make sure you insist on a car with me, you’ll need it!

Be sure to bring your driving licence with you of course, and if any other members of your holiday party want to be included on the car rental documents then they too need to bring their licence. Insurance and tax will most likely all be included in the price.

If you want to take your hire car over the Green Line to South Cyprus I’m afraid you cannot. You will see hire cars from the South in the North but unfortunately the agreement and friendly terms only work one way!

You can easily spot rental cars in Northern Cyprus as they have red number plates instead of yellow - this should mean that local drivers take care and give rental cars space as they are most likely being driven by drivers unfamiliar with the reality it means that people will speed up and try and overtake you! Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it!

If you come from the UK you’ll be happy to learn that in Cyprus - both North and South - you drive on the left. If you spot a car with Turkish number plates watch out as they occasionally forget and wander to the right side of the road as on the Turkish mainland they drive on the right! It makes for interesting driving!

Generally speaking driving standards in Cyprus are a bit haphazard! Drivers are all very friendly and courteous and will always allow you to pull out in front of them from junctions and they won’t even get upset if you cut them up...however lack of concentration is an issue as are boy-racers so keep your wits about you when driving, don’t trust indicators or lack of indicators and remain patient!

Finally, there are so many things to do and see, so many restaurants to visit, beaches to lie on and experiences to be had that car rental in Northern Cyprus is really a must!

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To rent a car in North Cyprus the age limit for most car rental companies is 25.
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