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Renting a Car & Driving in North Cyprus

Before hiring a car in North Cyprus, it is best to be aware of driving regulations in the country before booking.

Driving in North Cyprus

driving rules of North CyprusFor many otherwise knowledgeable world travelers, North Cyprus remains one of the least known, but most attractive, vacation destinations in the Mediterranean. The area offers gorgeous waters and bays, pristine beaches, historical highlights, unique cultures and a pace of life that is more relaxing and charming than most of the other destinations in the region. And one of the real charms of this region is the fact that there are so many unique small villages and isolated beaches to visit. With a North Cyprus car hire these fantastic spots are within easy reach.

Drivers from the United Kingdom will feel especially comfortable in North Cyprus because traffic here also travels on the left side of the road. And like most many countries throughout the world, a seatbelt law is enforced and children under the age of five are not permitted to ride in the front seat of a car. Drunk driving laws are also very strict here and are stringently enforced.

Speed limits are often posted in both kilometers per hour or miles per hour. On the highway the speed limit is usually 100 kph (60 mph), with a minimum speed of 65 kph (40 mph) that may be also enforced. On smaller back roads the speed limit is generally 60 kph (37 mph).

Throughout North Cyprus highways are rated according to their quality. "A" roads are the highest in quality and are often four-lanes and divided. "B" roads are also major roads but they are often just two lanes and not divided. "E" and "F" roads, on the other hand, are usually narrow two-lane roads or single-lane roads with sharp edges and restricted visibility. These roads should probably be avoided if possible while driving a North Cyprus car hire. The various road grades are usually indicated both on road maps as well as on highway signs.

Article by Ayse Berkcan

To rent a car in North Cyprus the age limit for most car rental companies is 25.
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