airport transfer

Cyprus – a small island, which is very easy to move, however, if you visit it for the first time, then due to right-hand traffic to do it yourself – at the first stage, it will be difficult. Our company provides reliable and convenient transfer services and meetings at the international airports of Ercan, Larnaca and Paphos, as well as tours all over North Cyprus at favorable prices.

Transfer in North Cyprus is the most convenient transport for those who don’t  want to wait. Who does not accept full buses, as well as taxis, organized by tour operators. As the most valuable thing in a vacation is time.

Advantages of the transfer trip:

  • fast;
  • one should not wait;
  • you will be met at the airport with a sign table;
  • you can ask to stop in any place you want.

We try to keep up with the time and do everything possible to ensure that the customer feels as comfortable as possible using our services. In addition, our taxi company has a number of advantages over our private transportation, both because of the availability of a state license, and:

  • 24-hour transfer order;
  • Drivers with a high driving experience and knowledge of the terrain;
  • Accuracy and perfection of work;
  • Excellent technical condition of the vehicle fleet.

Transfer is the best solution if you plan to travel a lot around the island. With us, your movements will turn into picturesque trips to colorful places. You will have the opportunity to stop wherever you want, to make a selfie on the background of an amazing natural background, “lacy” houses and magnificent monasteries.

Rest, business meetings, sightseeing tours and cheerful parties – believe Northern Cyprus will not let you be bored. And wonderful impressions should not be overshadowed by stuffy uncomfortable transport. Even if you use the transfer service only a couple of times, it will be a better option than a close public transport.

British Rent A Car company organizes a fascinating journey through Cyprus already at the airport. Convenient, neat car, polite driver, timely meeting on arrival to the island, quick and safe arrival to the hotel, to villa or other place of stay. We will do our best to make your movement along Northern Cyprus as convenient, entertaining and inconspicuous in terms of the fatigue.



north cyprus taxi

Taxi in North Cyprus is convenient because the driver can deliver you wherever you say at any time. In the city, often taxi drivers ride down the street and if they see tourists, they slow down, start to ring and call to their car. Please note that a licensed taxi in Cyprus can pick up on the street of voters, and the driver who has only a transfer license is not.

If you have already gathered on a trip to the sea and decided that you will go from the airport to the hotel by taxi, then make a transfer order in advance. The driver will meet you, help with suitcases and most importantly – you do not need to explain where to go, as all information about the order to the taxi driver will be known.

Order a taxi in North Cyprus will solve all the transport problems of the guests of the island. Order a taxi – it’s convenient and profitable. The car is served in advance, considering the length of the journey through the island at different time of the day.

Ordering a taxi is not only a convenient, but also economical solution to the transportation issue. However, do not think that cheap service involves any inconvenience. Our company closely monitors the quality of the services provided. The fleet is made up of modern cars of various categories, including those intended for the carriage of a large number of passengers or baggage. All machines are constantly undergoing technical inspection and meet all safety requirements. Polite drivers with a great experience of work perfectly know the city and operate the vehicle professionally and accurately.

Why should a taxi be ordered from us?

We understand the value of every minute of your time. Offering the services of a professional taxi, we follow several important rules:

  • Punctuality is the main principle of our work. It is especially important in case of transfer to the airport, but it is no less relevant when traveling in any other direction. Our cars are always on time.
  • Safety of passengers above all. All our cars are technically sound, and drivers are professionals in their field. Seat belts are a must for every car, and special chairs are available for children. Such an attentive approach excludes the emergence of unpleasant situations.
  • Modern vehicles will provide a comfortable trip at any time of the year.
  • Each order is regarded as an individual task.



Northern Cyprus is an extraordinary, amazing and beautiful piece of the island in the Mediterranean Sea. The subtropical climate is soft, the surrounding landscape is decorated with mountain ranges covered with pine and cedar, the coast line is riddled with bays and is full of excellent sandy beaches, and numerous monuments of the past, telling about the history of the island from the Neolithic to modern times leave no one indifferent.

North Cyprus is a warm country. Most people choose TRNC, because most of the year here is warm, and the winter is only a few months, and the temperature does not go down less than 5 degrees. At the same time, it has a good climate, thanks to which you can improve your health.

Due to high humidity and a constant light breeze from the sea and the presence of trees, the heat cannot be transferred either in the center of a metropolis such as in London, Stockholm or Moscow. No dust and smog, just fresh air and sea.

The summer season begins in the middle of May and ends in the early days of October. The temperature reaches +40 ° C, but this heat is dry and is tolerated quite easily. Only in the fall long-awaited rains come, and nature revives after a dry summer. Although this autumn is more like our late spring, as day temperature is 17-24 ° C. Warm snowless winter falls on December-January, and in February spring already begins.

The normal rainfall is 403 mm, in any case, is beneath Mediterranean average, adjusts more to the atmosphere example of the eastern Mediterranean. Even though snowfall isn’t common of Cyprus, it can stay on the Troodos massif in the southern part. The waterfront fields get a low rainfall, all this considered from 350 to 500 mm, falling predominately in the winter.

Nicosia city is described by low normal precipitation (324 mm) as it is arranged in the outback of the island. Rainfalls are usual for winter, occasionally in the mid-year. Because of the height, the most elevated number of precipitation is bound to the Kyrenia Mountain range. It is the Kyrenia Mountains that make a climatic obstruction and make Kyrenia a sunny destination with very little rainfall all year round.

Winds are for the most part light to direct and variable in heading. Solid breezes may happen once in a while, however storms are occasional over North Cyprus and are for the most part bound to uncovered waterfront zones and in addition zones at high height.