Paphos Airport

Paphos Airport (PFO) is located 6.5 km southeast of the Paphos city. It was founded in 1983 to accelerate the development of tourist infrastructure in the west of the island. Paphos Airport specializes in the Mediterranean countries and Northern Europe

Completely renovated and modernized Paphos airport was opened in November 2008. The area of ​​the new terminal is 18,500 m2, the length of the runway is 2,700 meters. Paphos airport is the hub of the largest budget Ryanair airline, specializing in flights between the Mediterranean countries and Northern Europe. From spring to autumn, the airport receives and sends numerous seasonal and charter flights. Every year the airport of Paphos serves more than 2 million passengers.

Paphos airport is quite simple. The set of services is modest because there is everything you need to wait for your flight, but nothing more. You will be able to use car parks, a vip-hall, if necessary – a medical center. Of course, there are cafes and restaurants there, as well as a duty-free shop.

Paphos Airport is also interesting because an unusual museum operates on its territory. Among the exhibits, items confiscated during customs examination, not excluding weapons. So, waiting for the flight, you can pass the time, clearly having studied, that you can not take with you on board the aircraft.

From the terminal of Paphos airport there is 2 bus routes – №612 and №613. They are sent to the city every day. Bus r 612 runs from 7.30 to 0.30 in summer and from 11.30 to 20.30 in the winter. The final stop is Kato Paphos (Harbor) located on Apostle Paul Street in Paphos, next to the pearl of the resort – Coral Bay. From the same stop, some other city and suburban buses leave. Bus number 613 goes from the airport to the central bus station of Paphos Karavella, which is near the city market (Nikodimos-Milona Street, 17), on a different route and only 2 times a day: at 8.00 and 19.00 at any time of the year.

Taxis to Paphos and other cities can be found at the exit from the terminal, but such a trip, of course, will be very expensive. The fare fixed for the kilometer, but separately will be assessed luggage, trip on weekends or holidays. The most slaughter tariffs are for those who ordered a taxi from Paphos airport by phone in advance, and whose flight was late, which is not uncommon, they will have to pay for waiting.

So you should book a transfer in advance. The main advantages of this service are well-known in advance the cost of the trip and the lack of payment of waiting time, and this is a real saving in case of delays. In addition, you can order a car by your individual needs: luggage compartment or pre-installed child seats.

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Online scoreboard

The onboard arrival screen is: www.hermesairports.com/paphos-arrival-airport

Online departure board: www.hermesairports.com/paphos-airport

Airport Information

For further information: +357 (25) 123-022

Airport website: www.hermesairports.com/pafos


Tourism in North Cyprus

Until now, Northern Cyprus, as a state is recognized only by Turkey, but nevertheless for a tourist, North Cyprus represents a real country – with borders, customs, stamps in the passport and its unique features.

Cyprus, of course, is one of the brightest and largest islands in the Mediterranean. From mid-May to mid-October there is a high season: hot, sun and sea. North Cyprus is a suitable place for those who are used to a calm and comfortable rest on the beach. This part of the island is surrounded by many kilometers of clean sandy beaches, where hospitable hotels are located.
Hotels here for each taste, which allows you to choose a tour according to their wishes and prices. Here you can rent a car on which you can travel all over the country from west to east. If you need advice or help on booking a car in North Cyprus, then contact our specialists at British Rent a Car.

The most popular among tourists are such cities of Northern Cyprus as Kyrenia, Famagusta and Karpaz. In addition to beach rest, North Cyprus offers tourists tours to historical places – from Vouni Castle, built in the 5th century B.C. (for example, places associated with the names of Andrew the First-Called, the Apostles Mark and Barnabas).
Northern Cyprus managed to gain immense popularity among tourists from many countries, but especially such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, England and Israel.

Why do tourists choose a holiday in North Cyprus?

  1.  Do not need a visa. Visa is not requires for EU countries and England. For Russians, as example, if they are going to Northern Cyprus via Larnaca (through the Greek side), then it is enough to issue a provisa for Cyprus. The registration procedure is not complicated and free.
  2. Excellent climate. In North Cyprus it is always warm, there is no winter, there is almost no rain. From the seasons there is only spring and summer! In North Cyprus, there are always a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables and Turkish delicacies. It’s an island of dreams!
  3. Very clean sea
  4. From May to July, sea turtles come to the shores of Northern Cyprus, and you will have a unique opportunity to see them and of course swim with them. Turtles sail to lay eggs.
  5.  In North Cyprus, many attractions, so the history of North Cyprus for more than 10 thousand years. You can see Gothic castles, fortresses and much more.
  6. In North Cyprus, there are a lot of hotels that work on the all-inclusive system, have the famous Turkish hospitality and animation and are located directly on the beach and have their own beaches; no need to pay for sunbeds.
  7. Affordable prices for car rentals, you can go around the whole island and see the most unexplored!

Visa Regulations on the North Cyprus


For the citizens of the Republic of Turkey traveling to TRNC: A valid passport or identity card is required.

For the citizens of the European Union: A valid EU passport or national identity card is required

For the third country nationals: A valid passport is required.


Visa directions apply to intersections from South Cyprus.

NOTE:The nationals of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Republic of Armenia are under commitment to apply face to face to a TRNC Representative Office abroad to get a visa.

Regarding the visa applications:

It is prescribed to make visa applications no less than one month ahead of time of the proposed travel date if conceivable. Visas for training purposes change for every nation except it might take 2-3 months or longer to process a visa application. It is recommended to have a travel permit legitimate for no less than a half year on the date of visa application.

Foreigners are required to have the following in their possessions at the port of entry to the TRNC:

  • A valid passport
  • £85 (Sterling Pounds) or equivalent per day the visitor intends to stay
  • Round trip ticket
  • Proof of confirmed hotel reservation
  • For visiting family or friends, a letter of invitation which provides name, address, phone number and other contact information in full
  • If traveling for higher education, an official acceptance letter from the university
  • If traveling on a business trip, an official letter of invitation from a company in the TRNC

Upon arrival in Northern Cyprus, the tourist has the right to choose where to put a stamp on crossing the border. The flight from the territory of Turkey to the airport of Ercan is considered to be international, accordingly, at the border control of the Ercan airport, the entry document of the tourist will be stamped with a note on the crossing of the border. In order to avoid further problems with the entry into the EU, it is necessary to ask the border service officer to stamp on a special migration card, and not in the passport.

On the so-called Green Line (the border between the Southern and Northern parts of Cyprus) a visa is made in electronic form, without a mark in the passport. If the visa stamp was not actually affixed to the passport or to a separate insert, it is recommended to specify the exact number of days for which a visa was received from Northern Cyprus. The visa is issued for up to 90 calendar days, which in practice can be as 10 days or a month. Finding without a visa threatens a fine of about 100 TRY per day. For security reasons, the deadline for crossing the border should be clarified. The fine will be paid by the guest at the reentry to the TRNC.

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